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  1. I am currently working on a game which consist of a fighter ship in space which is defending a planet. i have managed to move and shoot from the ship. i wanted to add some alien ships which come randomly onto the screen. i checked your code but i got jumbled up and confused :p please tell me how to add and randomly move the alien ships. Please reply ASAP. I am stuck. 🙁 thanks 🙂

  2. Downloaded your games. Impressive what can be done with Python and PyGame!
    Your games take me back to the old Spacewar games, then the arcade games: Space Invaders,
    Asteroids, etc.

    The words in Earth Wars were too fast for me to read, perhaps they were delayed by a timing
    loop, rather than clock time?

    • Hi Rufus! You are correct. This was the first game I ever wrote in Python. 🙂 So there were a lot of things that can be corrected. Timing is one of them.
      I am glad that my work was able to bring out the fantastic abilities of Python and Pygame.

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