Learn Music

TLearn Music

The Learn Music software will help the beginner to a grasp of the fundamentals of western music. The software is set out like a book with randomly generated quizzes under most topics. You may do a quiz several times as each time you will be presented with a new set of questions.

I have tried to keep the explanations brief and concise while being accurate.

For those of you interested in Learning chords the Scales and chords page will be of most interest. The keyboard shown at the top of the page can be played by the numerical key row and the letter row below it.

You can move through the software with the Left, Right arrow keys. Home key will bring you to the Index page.

To exit the software press Esc. and then press Y to confirm or close the Window and Press Y to confirm.

Download the software here -> http://soft.diliupg.com/2015/08/19/learn-music/

email me at :  diliupg@gmail.com