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The Learn Music software is now ready in its 1.2 version.

This version has the navigation buttons on the left side of the screen as some couldn’t find them when they were at the bottom.

The read me file was updated with more information.

This software given free to all. Use the link below to download and use.  Good for those who are not quite familiar with western music notation, chords, scales etc. Download and give it a try. READ ME file for instructions. Very easy to use. Filled with randomly generated questions and tests for you to test your knowledge.

This software is written to run without installing which give you the opportunity to keep it on a USB stick (pen drive) and run it from there. Double click on the

myicon2 LearnMusic file. That’s all.

Learn Music 1.3 Download(2018)

If you like the software send me an email to diliupg@gmail.com. You can also write some comments on this site.


20 thoughts on “Learn Music

  1. This looks great. The x button doesn’t work for me either to close the window, but pressing the Esc key will. Would you consider adding a semi-transparent white background to the main text though? That would certainly make it easier to read.

  2. I am facing troubles when trying to down load soft ware learn- music please help me by giving
    Instructions to get your soft ware Thanks ,

  3. Dear Sir,
    Thank you verymuch for Learn Music software. very very useful for us.

    Budusaranai Sir

  4. Great Work and nice Screen Layout.

    On Windows 10 the Win (X) Exit button did not react and i found no way to leave the program but to kill the task in the task manager.
    Is there another way to finish

    All the best

    Thomas from germany

    • Hi Thomas! Thank you for your comments. The program can be exited by pressing the ESC key. If you are in a Quiz, hitting ESC will bring you back to the main program. Hitting ESC again will exit the program. I just tried it out on my laptop running Win 10 64 bit and it worked. Try it and let me know. I am working on a few more quizzes and will add them to the a new version soon.

  5. Hey Diliup,

    this is really great stuff, congratulations! Waiting for more….

    Thanks for your hard work on this

  6. fantastic work sir….. excellent contextual explanations… I wish you good luck for all your future plans sir…….

    • I would like to add a comment and a suggestion sir, (1) Comment : When we open the software window, the default window size is fixed in such a way that the blue colored navigation arrow circles in the bottom are hindered (2) Suggestion : It would be nice to have scroll bars, depending on the user’s convenient window size.

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