The Power of Coding

Computers fascinated me when I first came into contact with one at an exhibition in my school, Royal College way back in the 70s. When you selected the name of a country the computer immediately gave you the name of it’s capital! 🙂 I was able to start learning about communicating with this machine only in 1984. That was about 15 years later. By this time Sir Sinclair had come out with the Spectrum and I was able to get my hands on one. I was not content with the programs and games that came with it. I wanted to write stuff of my own. So with the help of the Weatherby Training Center who were the agents for the Spectrum in Sri Lanka I started learning Basic and then quickly switched to Machine Language.
I demonstrated my first Music software in 1986 at the 1st. Sri Lankan Computer Exhibition and the then Prime Minister R. Premadasa, who saw what it was capable of doing requested me to go to the ‘Gam Udawa’ exhibitions to demonstrate it to my fellow countrymen which I did.

Now after a lapase of 25 years I am back to writing software and this time using another fantastic language-PYTHON. I am now totally retired from performing music and concentrates mainly on teaching Comuter based Audio Engineering and music. Composing is for fun and writing software is my passion.

Enjoy the software. I hope you enjoy using them as much as did writing them!

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