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Started working on a software to teach music on 24th. November 2013.  This can be a good guide for those who want to pick up some trick that I’ve learnt during the years I was performing. Based around keyboard/Piano this software will teach you Theory as well as various chord structures, harmony and building your own arrangements. written completely in Python I hope to port this to Mac and Linux as well. Completion may take some time as I’m able to work on this only during my free time from teaching Piano, Violin, Guitar and Audio Engineering on a daily basis.

Basics are already covered with fun quiz sections to test what you have learnt.

12th. March 2014

MIDI keyboard successfully coded! playing the 61 key on screen keyboard with the mouse was so easy to code. Next computer keys to play the keyboard. I may be able to incorporate a small sequencer for users to play and record little pieces with this. Only a thought.. :)..yet…

22.nd Ma2014

Now the user can select any scale major, harmonic minor or melodic minor and the relevant scale and arpeggio will be played on the MIDI keyboard and also displayed on the stave.

More than 20 chords per scale displayed on the stave and played on the MIDI keyboard. Real time animation.

More goodies on the way.

2 thoughts on “Software to Teach Music

  1. Dear Dilup,
    I wish to learn more about the software to teach music. Is it a soft programe? how does it work? or do you teach your self? Can the public download the programe? Please reply

    Best regards,

    Keerthi Samarasekera.

    • Hi Keerthi! Thank You for your interest. The first part of the software will be ready in approx. 2 week. This will take you thru basic music theory and intro to chords. The software will be released in parts so there is a choice in what you download. The software will be given away free! No hidden fees. My contact details are on my web site. Watch this page for more details. Spread the word among your friends. Thank You! 🙂

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